Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Earnings Watch: BRLC

Early this morning BRLC announced that they would indeed be reporting earnings today, after pushing it back yesterday. Shares were up 5% in early market trading, but have fallen flat by the time I'm posting this (1130 EST).

If they report earnings this afternoon, I still believe the earnings will meet or exceed expectations, so I'm hoping this play will pay off over the next few sessions. Like I said before, I think it's a great company in a great industry for the current economic conditions.

Obviously none of my posts are supposed to be acted upon, but I would advise against entering BRLC at this point in time. If the company reports well and the stock jumps a dollar, there's still plenty of long-term upside left. But, even though I am long in BRLC, I wouldn't be surprised if the missed earnings or re-delayed or something else happened that caused the price to collapse.

That's all for now; as of post time, the NASDAQ is up a half-percent and the other indexes are following.

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