Saturday, September 8, 2007



All information posted on this website is thought to be true at the time it is written: if any factual errors are discovered, they will be corrected.

Any advise, whether an explicit stock rating, or implied opinion, is solely my personal opinion and isn't meant to be used as advise for the investing of others.

I am simply a student that is moderately well informed and very interested in the stock market. I am in no way a qualified financial planner. If you choose to follow any of my explicit or implicit opinions, you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Student Stocks, and the publisher of this blog, accept no responsibility for the investments that you make, even if they coincide with investment ideas discussed in this blog.

Invest at your own risk. Better yet, contact a registered, trained, professional financial planner if you are serious about growing your wealth.

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