Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BRLC Followup and 9/11 trading review

Well, BRLC was a disappointing story today... by earnings bet apparently backfired. They delayed reporting results today, sending the stock down almost 10 percent. I'm still positive long-term, but this short-term problem is indeed unfortunate.

EDIT: In fact, a few analysts have speculated that the earnings delay may be due to overwhelming sales. I'm not going to buy any additional stake, but I hope they are correct.

However, the market (and the rest of my positions) had a great day. The major indexes were up 1-2%, with some large gains in individual stocks.

My best position today was Sun Microsystems (JAVA), up almost 6% today because of great information about its new server product, Solaris. This stock has been the gem of my portolio so far: I bought shares on August 24th for $5 each ($5.05 after commission); the stock has returned a very healthy 14% since then. The stock is now bordering on being overbought, so I wouldn't be surprised if it has a few flat, or down, sessions. However, I think Sun is a great company that has been overlooked for a long time, and its business and share price will continue to grow. I'll probably have a full writeup on Sun sometime soon.

Also, today, another recent purchase, Electronic Arts (ERTS) was up a few percent. I think that they are in a great position right now; they have a ridiculously-hot selling NCAA football game as well as the ONLY NFL football game, and are releasing a game to compete with the hugely-successful guitar hero franchise for this holiday season.

Western Digital, Take-Two Entertainment, and Ebay also led the NASDAQ higher today; I've been looking to get into eBay for a while, but it just keeps going up and up.

Overall, it was a great day! Hopefully it will spill over into tomorrow.

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