Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/13 Wrapup: BRLC, SOYO, and more

The Dow was pleasantly up 130 points today, along with an almost 1% gain in the S&P 500 and a more modest 1/3% gain for the NASDAQ. The Dow was lead by Countrywide Financial, the struggling mortgage company. Today they announced that they secured an additional 12 billion dollars in financing, allowing the company to basically keep its doors open.

McDonalds was also up very strongly, continuing a multiple-session rally. To be honest, I was thinking about buying them a week ago at 48, but felt like waiting because I thought they may be overvalued... now I am uncomfortable buying at the current level. However, they just raised their dividend by 50%, adding valuation to the shares.

In my portfolio, Sun Microsystems continued its rally to close up another 3%. Marathon Oil was also strong today because of higher energy prices. Electronic Arts was up a few percent, as was CIT, a financial company that has nothing to do with subprime lending that was hurt by the financial crash during the early subprime crisis.

Heelys declined, but that's a long term play, so I'm not worried. My tiny position in BRLC, arguably the worst short-term decision I've ever made, fell additionally in the open market today after being down 25% after-hours today. However, I went with my investing instincts and doubled my position today, lowering my cost. Once again, I think this stock is super risky, but for dumb reasons; it's a solid company, but day traders and short sellers really manipulate the price and make it trade irrationally. The earnings for this year were $.48/share; it's now less than a 10 P/E company... and for such a high-growth company, I'm willing to take the risk, because BRLC shouldn't stay at this valuation once it starts behaving rationally again.

Right now, I've got September calls in Harley Davidson (HOG) and Abercrombie (ANF). Abercrombie was up nicely today, and hopefully I'll be able to get out of those profitably (I bought the contracts a few weeks ago, and the stock was marginally down for the time in between the purchase and now). HOG is simply a play on the utter destruction of that stock over the past few sessions; they altered guidance, and shares fell almost 20%. I'm hoping the price stabilizes, and I can make a small short-term gain.

Edit: Almost forgot about my new interesting little company, The Soyo Group (SOYO.OB). Yes, it's traded over the counter, but its an established company; it used to focus on making motherboards for certain gaming computers, but now it makes the most popular LCD at the 24 inch size with a whopping 50% of market share; check out the article here.

They're making money, which is very impressive for such a little company. They have big plans for the future; they're supposed to start making huge-screen HD TV's under the brand name Honeywell for 2008.

I bought a tiny position for $.56 yesterday; it closed at $.71. I was surprised by the huge jump on no news, and I'm sure its going to give up its gains in the next few sessions. But this is going to be on my long-term radar; if they can continue to grow, while producing good product, this could be a great long-term play. Look past the penny-stock assumptions; it's a real, established company that's turning a profit, not some pump-and-dump scheme like other comparably-priced offerings.

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