Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recent Trades and BWLD

Here's a few quick thoughts for any regular readers (if there are any) to keep up with:

Yesterday, I did my first two options trades in a while.

I bought Microsoft March 29 calls (the stock was at $28.20). My thinking behind this is that the Microsoft-Yahoo marraige will begin to clear soon, and as uncertainty leaves the arena, MSFT shareholders will feel more secure. Plus, the stock only has to rally a couple points in over a month for it to be a profitable trade.

Second, I bought March 25 puts on the VIX (S&P 500 volatility). As the awful news is now mostly fully exposed (though there's some hidden stuff trickling out, recently AIG's writedown), the market will start to calm down. Most major banks have already written down most of what they'll have to. Also, earnings have been largely OK, and once that season passes, there probably won't be much for the market to freak out about . I'm hoping to unload this in a week or two.

Lastly, BWLD releases earnings today. I have no idea if they'll beat, meet or miss, but the stock will probably move big in one direction or the other. I'm long, so I obviously have faith in the company, but there's obviously some chance that investors may get blindsided by a bad report. However, I think they'll report in-line with estimates, and reaffirm future growth, which should hopefully help move the stock higher.

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