Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doubling up on CROX; NTRI stock losing weight

Crocs released earnings after the bell, and even though estimates came in largely in-line, the stock tanked after hours. Margins were down (partially due to having to air-mail goods to retailers after the Mammoth sold out during the holiday season), but profits came in right around the street's consensus.

CROX reaffirmed the full-year forecast, which is for $2.70 EPS. After-hours, the stock was trading around $27.

CROX grew revenues 99% in Q407... and will continue to grow (at a slower pace) throughout 2008, especially as they release their clothing line.

It's unfathomable to buy such growth potential at a 10 P/E. When the earnings originally came out, I thought that these might have been the earnings that firmed investor confidence, as BWLD's were last week. That wasn't the case.

Once again, just like BWLD, I got in a little to early (in the mid-30s for CROX). I doubled my position today at $28. But investors are discounting another cheap growth stock too heavily, and CROX should take off soon.

Also, after the bell, Nutrisystem reported earnings and guidance that didn't please the street. The stock has lost about 70% of its value since the summer, when it traded around $70/share. It ended the after hours session at $18, after trading below $17 for a period of time.

The bad NTRI news? 2008's earnings look likely to decrease from 2007's numbers, and negative earnings growth certainly isn't a good thing. Nutrisystem blames this on difficult macroeconomic conditions, which is a convenient albeit reasonable excuse.

It should not be ignored that NTRI's lowered projections of $130 in earnings this year; based on the 35 million outstanding shares, that breaks down to nearly $4 per share. Considering NTRI is now an $18/stock, the P/E is like five.

The downward trend is certainly concerning, but short-term problems and fears about future expansion have punished NTRI too much. I'm going to look into some LEAPS for NTRI - maybe just January 09's, because with such a low multiple, I don't think NTRI can stay depressed for too long.

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dell said...

LOL, i hope you didn't put too much in before the thing tanked. Is it a fad or is this a big winner?

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