Friday, February 29, 2008

Introducing Two New Paper Pprtfolios

First, my apologies for the delay between new posts. This week featured 3 midterm exams, so I had to tend to the responsibilities of being a student.

I've created two new paper portfolios on - the StudentStocks Fund and the StudentStocks Commodities Account.

The Fund will feature short-, mid- and long-term plays on valuations and fundamentals. I'm assembling the portfolio as I write this, so when an initial makeup is structured, I'll post the components.

The commodities account is a trading account, as I try to exploit (gamble/guess) the movement of commodities. Right now, I own DUG (ultrashort oil and gas), and have shorted ConocoPhillips, KOL (Coal ETF), CNX (a coal producer), GDX (Gold Producers) and GLD (a gold ETF).

So i'm currently betting on a pop/deflation of the current energy bubble. As prices swing from high to low, I'll change sides of positions.

I plan to update performance from both accounts approximately weekly; hopefully, I'll produce some good, tradeable ideas for readers. is a free paper-trading site where you can earn real money. If you're interested in opening an account, email me!

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