Friday, February 8, 2008

ATVI Followup; More Earnings Next Week

Well, Activision did report a truly outstanding quarter yesterday, firmed guidance for this quarter, and had lots of good forward-looking commentary during the call.

However, the stock didn't move much after hours last night. Interestingly, for having released earnings, very few shares traded after-market; with a daily volume of about 6 million, less than half a million shares traded after hours.

In the pre-market this morning, ATVI shares are changing hands closer to $27, which is good. Hopefully when the market opens, the shares will continue higher. It's nonsense that companies with excellent earnings and guidance like ATVI aren't being rewarded in this tough market.

Next week, I think I'm going to do something with Chiptole's earnings in the latter half of the week. I don't expect them to blow out numbers; however, the stock has fallen from $150 to $105 (while I was unfortunately on the sidelines, after predicting declines in multiple posts on this blog), so it's already coming down to earth. I'm hoping it bounces before earnings so that I can short. Another method may be selling-to-open some out-of-the-money calls; however, that's dangerous, because if they somehow blow away it could be disastrous. However, the implied volatility is through the roof, so options are fetching a premium now that will evaporate the morning after earnings.

Another stock I've lately been turned onto is MadCatz (MCZ). They are a tiny video-game accessory maker. I think that they're going to benefit from the great holiday quarter that every other video company has enjoyed; plus, they recently inked a long-term deal to produce all of the instruments for EA's Rock Band. The downside is that the stock is at 80 cents and volitile; a disappointment and the penny stock could plummet.

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