Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to Short Treasurys?

Originally Published at The No Buy List:

Is it time to short treasuries?
Seeking Alpha contributor Larry McDonald thinks so.

Many market analysts and observers have been screaming to short Treasurys for months as rates have hovered near all-time lows. Even Warren Buffet has now acknowledged that the current treasury situation appears to be bubble-like.

I agree that the current Treasury bond environment is unsustainable, but "when" is the key unknown. I was early when I called for an oil-bubble implosion, and I have also been early on shorting stocks like FSLR and CMG. But yields for Treasurys can't really get much lower, so it seems like downside risk for the shorting instruments (TBT) might be more limited.

The article is worth a read, and you can check it out here:
Read "Rising Treasury Yields Could Mean Its Time to Short Them" at Seeking Alpha.

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