Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Kindle DX Details: Still Not Impressed

Originally published on the No Buy List:

Well, most leaked pre-release facts seem to be right: the new Kindle is big, pretty, and textbook- and newspaper-friendly. As I mentioned in my last post, a few colleges will be participating in trials to see if the Kindle textbook experience can catch on.

A troubling new piece of information is the price of the Kindle DX: $489. For $500, a consumer can buy a newest-generation iPod or iPhone, competing ebook reader, or one of many high-quality netbooks. I think that Amazon has priced the device far too high, as the allure of a device with relatively-limited functionality diminishes considerably as price increases.

And once again, Amazon is paying 10% to anyone that can sell one, which is a very significant amount of foregone revenue. On a similar note, if anyone was looking to buy a Kindle DX, feel free to put $48.90 in my pocket for (old-fashioned) textbooks, you can click this link to pre-order a Kindle DX.

My original thesis before the release of the Kindle 2 was that the new Amazon e-media readers would not be game-changers, and I stand by this sentiment. The function-to-dollar ratio for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX cannot compete with an iPod or a netbook. The Kindle family is a wonderful niche product for a certain group of people - bookworms that travel - but I still cannot conceptualize mass appeal at this current level of high price and low functionality. Amazon's core business is still growing healthily, and shares may continue to enjoy a rich valuation, but I wouldn't expect the Kindle to add materially to Amazon's bottom line anytime soon.

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fergie said...

I bought a Kindle 2 and had it for three weeks. I just couldn't wait for the DX. When the DX arived I returned the kindle 2. I am completely satisified with the Kindle DX. I think it is a great piece of engineering technology. see Amazon Kindle DX

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