Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Follow up to Amazon Short-Call

Originally published at The No Buy List:

Though I myself didn't short shares of (AMZN) despite all of my recent negatively-slanted pieces, I am glad to report that shares are sitting lower than they were on every date that I published anything about them.

AMZN's recent decline can be attributed to the general market pullback, but looking forward, shares may continue to underperform. Below is a six month chart of AMZN:

Shares are still trading at $75 though the company is only expected to earn roughly $2/share next year. Even a 50% upward surprise (meaning yearly earnings of $3/share) still wouldn't make shares look cheap.

Looking at the chart, shares seemed to touch resistance (both 50 day moving average and some previous lows) today, so further movement downward could be looked at as a weak technical sign. Shares have also clearly broken the upward trend that began in march. Looking downward, there had previously been consolidation between $60 and $65, which could be a reasonable mid-term price if the wider market continues to correct. There's still a glaring gap between $50 and $57, but I wouldn't expect that to be filled anytime soon.

The bottom line, once again, is that Amazon is a great company but AMZN shares are still overvalued. I'm personally not initiating any short position at this point, but I'd rather short than buy long AMZN shares tomorrow.

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