Monday, February 2, 2009

Government Employees Don't Need to Pay Taxes

An ugly fact has surfaced in the past weeks, and no entity of importance seems to care. Congress (thanks to the huge Democratic majority) looked past Timothy Geithner's $26,000 tax error that he conveniently recognized and paid back as he was being examined for Treasury Secretary.

Even worse is Tom Daschle, Obama's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle recently reported income and perks that generated more than $120,000 in tax liabilities, which he quickly and quietly paid. Robery Gibbs, press secretary, downplayed this blunder with a simple "Nobody's perfect."

But most people aren't criminals, and clearly Geithner and Daschle are. Obviously neither politician had any intention of paying taxes on their unreported income/perks unless they ever needed to, like when facing something like this (or an audit). I can guarantee that there are many politicians like them who inaccurately, whether purposely or accidentally, report their incomes and owe the IRS lots of money. There are also many normal Americans that also cheat on their taxes, but policymakers SHOULD be held to higher standards. As the Democrats aim to expand government with this stimulus package, why not hire a couple more people at the IRS to audit audit every Congress(wo)man's return every year?

I wish that Obama-mania would end so that Americans would be as disgusted at this as they should be. Geithner and Daschle certainly appreciate Obama's continued support, but Obama should make an example of them and withdraw his recommendations in light of these issues. If he is honestly aiming to promote change (via government clarity and accountability), allowing these crooks to hold significant offices under him is laughable. Americans need to sober up from their Obamahigh and realize that it's business as usual (if not worse than usual) in Obama's Washington.

Here's to change.

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