Friday, February 13, 2009

Final Thoughts on Stimulus Bill

I hope that the bloated, pork-heavy stimulus bill doesn't pass today and has to be re-written. The final version contains over 1,000 pages.

An example of an element that I have an issue with is the inclusion of a tax credit for firms who employ "disconnected youth." I pulled the definition of that term from the bill.

The term ‘disconnected youth’ means any individual who is certified by the designated
local agency—

‘‘(I) as having attained age 16 but not age 25 on the hiring date,
‘‘(II) as not regularly attending any secondary, technical, or post-secondary school during the 6-month period preceding the hiring date,
‘‘(III) as not regularly employed during such 6-month period, and
‘‘(IV) as not readily employable by reason of lacking a sufficient number of basic skills.’’.

As to why employers would want to employ workers lacking the skills that have thus far kept them from holding a job? I don't know.

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