Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New Search Engine: Cooler than Cuil

For some reason that I could not comprehend, a new search engine called Cuil (pronounced cool) debuted within the past week to much fanfare. TV and internet news outlets, including, picked up on this non-event.

In my experience, the search engine returned limited, irrelevant results.

However, I stumbled upon another search engine called Scour that I actually like. Scour, like other search websites, compiles results from the Big Three - Google, Yahoo, and MSN - and attempts to combine the results with internal metrics and package them relevantly. Scour combines the engine rankings along with user votes and comments to arrange results in a certain order.

Best of all, Scour pays users (albeit peanuts) to search, comment, and vote. One search results in one point, while commenting or voting can increase the total per search to four points; after 6,500 points, they'll send a $25 Visa. They do provide toolbar plugins for Firefox and IE, so it's easy to earn points without altering your usual routine. To me, the allure of Scour isn't making money, it's getting good search results (and being able to creep my websites' rankings all in one place) while diverting some revenue away from Google into a smaller company's pockets.

At least the people at Scour were able to pick a decent name. Really, Cuil?

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