Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tripling Down on AIG

Quick update between classes:

I tripled my original (small, speculative) AIG stake this morning at $1.82/share.

I wish I could have purchased more, at a lower price, but Ameritrade's software was acting funny.

I'll have a longer writeup some other time on why I'm plowing capital into AIG at this level, but my general, one-sentence thesis is that it's a company whose core business is not affected by the "mortgage meltdown."

I believe (correct me if i'm wrong) that AIG doesn't even have to mark their positions to market, since they intend to hold to maturity, but when another company, like LEH, updates the values of their positions, S&P, Moodys, and other ratings agencies apply those valuations to AIG's books and draw their own conclusions.

So my average cost for AIG is $3.7 now, and I may continue to add below that. I'm hoping shares recover quickly enough that I don't get to see prices below that level again, but, I'm at the mercy of the markets.

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